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🌞 21 – 24 APRIL 2023

🗺️ Old Palace Yard

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“Many young people in the UK describe feeling powerless, isolated and betrayed when recognising that those with power in their lives are failing to take action that will keep them safe. We hope that adding our voices to the thousands of others this April will go a small way to reducing this sense of institutional betrayal as we support the push for a citizen’s assembly and cessation of new fossil fuels.”
Professor Mike Wang
Chair of the Association of Clinical Psychologists
“We have a tremendous opportunity to course correct in a way that improves our health now and in the future. This requires a shift in how we think about action on the climate and ecological crises; moving from optional and peripheral, to essential and central to everything we do across society.”
Dr Aarti Bansal
GP and founder of the Greener Practice Network

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Frequently asked questions

What is this for?

We are asking the Department of Health and Social care to implement a public health campaign on climate change. We are also asking the government to speed up the phase out of oil and gas, ensure clean air for all, and implement mechanisms to increase long term thinking on the climate and biodiversity crises within parliament.

Is this organised by Extinction Rebellion?

Planetary Health Hub is part of a wider coalition which includes many nature, conservation and climate groups, including Extinction Rebellion, all of whom will be around parliament from Friday April 21st to Monday April 24th. Extinction Rebellion did set the date, but since then they have become part of a much bigger event. Find out more on XR’s involvement. Details of other supporting organisations will be shared soon.

Do I need to sign up?

You don’t need to, but if you are coming please fill in this form on XR’s website. It is important that we have a good sense of numbers so that we can liaise with the police, and keep everyone safe.

Which days should I come?

This is completely your call, different things will be happening on each day. Friday 21st is the opening of the space. Saturday 22nd is Earth Day, Sunday 23rd we will coexist with the London Marathon, providing an exciting opportunity to engage with huge numbers of spectators. Monday is our main opportunity to engage with Members of Parliament. Whatever your plans, sign up to show your support!

Can I come on my own?

Yes! Turn up to Abingdon Street Gardens and you will find hundreds of health professionals who will help orient you. Some will be from protest groups, others will be from more moderate groups working to green the NHS.

What will it be like?

There will be art, experiential learning, talks and panels by experts, workshops, activities for the kids. 

Will it be safe?

This event is being facilitated by police on the strict understanding that there will be no illegal activity, and no disruption of the public, short of that caused by a hundred thousand people coming together.

What should I bring?

Layered clothing, including waterproofs and comfortable shoes. Water and snacks. Sun block (if we’re lucky) an umbrella if not! Any medication and hygiene products you need. Something to read. No alcohol or drugs please. And beautiful, creative placards, flags, and banners.

Where can I stay?

If you’re thinking of coming for multiple days, that’s great! There will be a range of accommodation options, but space cannot be guaranteed for everybody. Some of the health groups have London based members who will be giving up rooms to stay in. If you’re able to, liaise with them to find your own place to stay. Extinction Rebellion are also organising a ‘Human Hotel’. To access this, you would need to sign up and wait for more details.

Will it work?

We believe that a critical mass of people can create a moment that’s impossible to ignore. We hope you believe that too. There is a threshold of numbers beyond which people power is unstoppable. Gathering peacefully in large numbers at the nation’s seat of power can create a positive, irreversible, societal tipping point.

What should I do next?

If you are a health professional and you aren’t yet part of any of the organising groups, give one of them a message. If you aren’t a health professional then sign up and put it in your diary. Then invite your friends and family. XR will send you more details about travel and accommodation as soon as they can. If you’re able to please support their crowd funder or the Planetary Health Hub directly.

Can I help?

Yes! The most effective way to make this HUGE is to personally invite your friends and family. To make plans, arrange transport, agree to meet up. If you have time to offer, please contact one of the health organisations and offer to help.

Can I help to raise money?

Yes! We encourage people to do just one extra shift in their hospital or clinic as a locum, deduct the tax and send what’s left to us so we can put on the best event we can. You can donate here.

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